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About the NSWBA

Senior Women's Basketball is on the move! Several leagues have cropped up in the US in the past two years. Many women are discovering their love for basketball and want more!

In 2013, nearly 100 teams from 22 different states participated in the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio!

This year the National Senior Games will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can't wait!

Women from their early 50's to their late 80's are lacing up their high-tops and high-fiving their way to gold and silver medals, with more and more teams forming every month.

The NSWBA was established to foster the growth of senior women's basketball nationwide.  We accomplish this exciting mission numerous ways, including:

  • Supporting the trailblazing leagues and teams that have already formed

  • Making it easier for new leagues to form

  • Increasing national media attention

  • Providing our sponsors and advertisers exceptional partnership opportunities

  • Building the foundation to support the anticipated explosive growth of the sport

We invite you to join the NSWBA and support our efforts to grow senior women's basketball nationwide.

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The NSWBA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to fostering the health and well-being of women 40 years and older, by supporting the growth of senior women's basketball nationwide.

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